Access and Login

All UCF alumni that graduated less than a year ago can access Handshake by logging in with their NID and password. If you graduated more than one year ago, you can access Handshake by creating an account here. Before logging in, you will need to complete two steps, see more instructions in ‘How do I access Handshake?’.

In Handshake you have access to apply for thousands of jobs and other opportunities. You can easily RSVP for events or sign-up for an on campus interview. You can also store your resume, cover letter, and other documents to use for each application. Handshake is customizable to your needs, by entering your career interests, you can see relevant positions that matter most to you.

All UCF alumni that graduated less than a year ago can access Handshake by logging in with their NID and password. If you graduated more than one year ago, you can access Handshake by creating an account here.

All UCF Alumni will need their NID and password to login to Handshake. If you do not remember or have access to your NID, please visit theNID Look Up  From there, you can reset your NID password if you need to.

To get started, youMUST watch the orientation video above and accept our terms & conditions before you are given access to Handshake. Once you complete these two steps, you will receive access to Handshake by noon on the following business day. If you still cannot get in to Handshake, please call Experiential Learning at (407)823-2667.

No, you can only use Experiential Learning as an active student. Other restrictions apply.



University-approved employers can search and contact students that have made their profile public. When a student first creates a Handshake account, they can choose to make their profile public or private and they can change their profile visibility settings at any time through their User Dashboard. Your GPA is never public unless you expressly opt-in to make it public.

Labels are tags that we can apply to data in Handshake to help you classify and organize that data. You can search using labels in the Jobs, Internships, Employers, Events and Interviews sections in Handshake. Click here to learn more about labels.



  • Job – a paid, part or full time professional position, that may be hourly or salaried.
  • Internship – a single semester, major related, paid or unpaid opportunity that may be used for academic credit. Only open to current students
  • Co-op – a multi-semester, major related, paid position. At UCF, there are two types of co-ops. An ‘EL Signature Co-op’ where academic registration is required and others that are not. Only open to current students.
  • Volunteer – unpaid, non-credit, part time or temporary position. May also include job shadowing opportunities.

Watch this short video. For-credit internships and co-ops are only open to current UCF students.

Click Your Applications on the left navigation bar. Click on the job(s) that you would like to withdraw your application from. If your application status has been changed to primary, alternate, hired or declined you will not be able to withdraw your application. Reach out to UCF Career Services or Experiential Learning and request that your application is withdrawn. Click here for more info.

If you have applied to a job that is hosting an interview on campus and you would like to see if you have been selected for an interview you can select Interviews on the left hand navigation bar. Here you can search for interviews that you have applied to. Next, you will need to review the timeline of the interview. If the interview is open for taking slots you can click Take Slot. Click here for more info.



UCF Alumni has a full-time, on-site career counselor available to offer one-on-one assistance to our alumni.

  • To expedite your request, please complete the Career Services Request Form. Due to high volume of inquiries, your request will be answered within four business days. In the meantime, please refer to our Career Services module for assistance. Thank you for your patience.


Events/Career Fairs

  • Click Events on the top right corner of the top navigation bar
  • Select Fair Search on the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen
  • Choose the Fair you wish to view
  • Click on View All Employers
  • From the employer preview page select the fields you would like to filter the employers on

Hot Opportunities

For questions and more information, please contact either office below:
oel@ucf.edu  |  (407)823-2667

career@ucf.edu  |  (407)823-2361